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What Benefits We Bring to You

Continuously accumulate professional skills and experience, reduce your business risks

We focus on the development and production of telecare products and systems, keep optimizing software and hardware design, optimizing production processes, and improving product quality. We insist that products be produced by our own professional factories, so that we can effectively discover production problems and improve the production process, ensuring Continuous improvement of product quality. According to the statistics of our partners, if you start to choose products or systems from non-professional companies, you will be very headache for this when the total user size over 200, and even you need to start over.

Reduce your after-sales service and maintenance costs

As far as possible from the full application needs of the product, rather than just considering your initial hardware investment, we fully consider the initial cost of the product and the actual maintenance cost of the later operation (such as the frequency of product failure and elimination costs, service life, battery replacement frequency, user education and after-sales maintenance costs, etc.). According to our and partner's statistics, a simple onsite maintenance cost will be $35-$85/person per times, our products and system can obviously help you reduce the overall cost when you have over 500 users.

Reliable support with experience in the telecare, telehealth

With 10 years' smart home systems development in Schneider Electric, our founding team founded JOY. By now we had served our partners for over 15 years, we have extensive experience in telecare and smart system development. Based on above experiences, we have better and deeper understanding the needs from this special market, and we well design our system and detail function and performance, and can bring you more reliable and strong supports.

Solid engineering and technical support capabilities

With more than 25 years of research and development experiences on IoT smart system framework and protocol design, wireless technology, acoustic and audio technology, and low power system design, we plan, design and develop our systems as a whole, and we value every detail and provide our overall solutions. We can also provide customized modifications or new product development according to your local needs.
Save the Hardware Costs for You
Save The Maintenance Costs For You
Save The Time For You
Reduce The Business Risk For You

Know Us

about us

Founded in 2005, JOY Technology focuses on developing and producing reliable and affordable medical alert, telecare, healthcare devices and system solutions for gobal market, and 90% of production is sold to developed countries. So far, in this cold and unpopular industry, JOY is one of the few well-known professional medical alert, PERS and telecare devices providers in the world. To better support our clients, JOY has subsidiaries in Hongkong and Euope, and has solid and long-term cooperation with our clients ( for example: China Unicom, Viettel, Yad Sarah, Orange and so on) who are professional and famous senior care and health care services providers from over 60 countries. Now, JOY telecare systems are continually connecting over 1390,000 homes to service centers of our customers.



As a growing company, we certainly value and cherish the cooperation relationship with some large clients (such as ADT, Orange, Yad Sarah, etc.). Regarding why choose us, in 2018, I had the opportunity to ask Eli, the chairman of Yad Sarah face-to-face. He answered me very enthusiastically and objectively. He said it was because of me firstly. They believe that the founders of JOY have been engaged in engineering technology research and development and have more than 20 years of experience in intelligent system innovation and development. This fact gave them great confidence from the beginning of the project negotiation. In fact, JOY finally understood their market demand, developed and produced the products with moderate cost, reliable performance and stable performance. In addition, they think that I can insist on leading JOY to continue to innovate and develop products in this low-profit industry for more than 10 years. This is very difficult. They believe that JOY will definitely persist in this field for a long time in the future and JOY will be their long-term reliable partner. I take this opportunity to thank Eli once again, and thank our partners very much for the support and trust, and we will work harder to cooperate with them and continue to lead the trend of the times.

Elderly care is a very special industry, it requires great effort, love, patience and perseverance from practitioners. Since 2005, we have insisted on comprehensively exploring the perfect combination of humanities, culture, medical health and natural technology. We are dedicated to professional research and development of reliable and affordable solutions to reduce the cost of care and solve the shortage of direct care, to improve the quality of life of elderly or other person in need of care. Due to the particularity of the industry and the high standard of market demand, we have been very difficult to survive the initial stage of entrepreneurship, and now we have achieved sustainable development. We are excellent not because we are lucky or smart, but because we spend more time and sweat. I will lead our team for life to focus on product innovation and research and development of solutions in this field and provide strong and reliable support to our partners.

To Provide Reliable and Affordable Telecare and Healthcare System Solutions

To help our customers deliver new, more efficient and effective telecare and healthcare service, reduce healthcare cost, address direct care shortages and improve the quality of life for elderly people and others in need of care

Our Vision: A simple world where people can live freely, safely, happily and tastefully and forget the existence of products.

Our Mission: To provide reliable and affordable telecare and healthcare solutions, help our customers deliver new, more efficient and effective telecare and healthcare service, reduce healthcare cost, address direct care shortages and improve the quality of life for elderly people and others in need of care

Our Value:

Customer focus - We are passionate about understanding and meeting our customers’ needs and those of the people they support.

Collaboration - We work together as a team and in partnership with our customers to deliver excellence in everything we do.

Innovation - We have a heritage of innovation and we innovate with the purpose to continually improve and ensure our services and solutions are the best they can be.

Anstrengungsbereitschaft - Unsere Exzellenz resultiert nicht aus Glück oder Klugheit, sondern aus dem Einsatz von mehr Zeit und Schweiß.

An Example of Marketing

The video shows on Israeli TV programe, Yad Sarah widely introduced and applied JOY products, bringing help and hope to the people of Israel.

Yad Sarah started in the 1970s, she is the largest national volunteer organization in Israel. Employing over 7,000 volunteers, with a salaried staff of 150, Yad Sarah helps over 850,000 people each year. Yad Sarah provide professional telecare services to seniors for over 30 years.

Our History
  • 2005 -- Found.
  • 2007 -- Complete the console V1.0, and establish long-term cooperation with 3 Chinese companies such as China Unicom.
  • 2009 -- Complete the console V2.0, start professional telecare business, and establish long-term cooperative relations with more than 30 domestic and foreign elderly service companies.
  • 2011 -- Completed the research and development of automatic fall detection, the world's smallest automatic fall detection was launched.
  • 2012 -- Complete the console V2.0, start professional telecare business, and establish long-term cooperative relations with more than 30 domestic and foreign elderly service companies.
  • 2017 -- Complete the console V3.0, service center V2.0, set up our owner protocol, hardware and software of service platform, and annual shipment volume reached 100,000 sets.
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